Drunk With Power - Off of "Hiding in Plain Sight"
  1. Drunk With Power - Off of "Hiding in Plain Sight"
  2. Cash Cow - Off of "Cold Day in Purgatory"
  3. Front Porch - Off of "3160 Ellwood"
  4. My Qal Gal - Off of "3160 Ellwood"
  5. Lookin Down - Off of "Cold Day in Purgatory"
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Channel 43. Power Trio as the Power Trio was intended. Born and raised in Richmond, VA. Upper tier musicians who thrive in creating and executing robust, ultra-catchy songs. Songs that are well crafted, accessible, and highly stay-able. They are typically fast and brimming with energy, complete with hooks galore. They're about things that stir us up, get us to think, make us mad, break our hearts, confuse us, or otherwise inspire us. Songs about ex-girlfriends, friends, neighbors, loved ones, hated ones, warped trends of society, frustrations, moments of clarity, and who knows what else. On a bed of Tony Big Dick's active, thunderous, energized, fat-ass bass lines reside Sorvino's thick, clever, sharp, instantly-digable guitar riffs.

A couple of years later C43 recorded their second album, '3160 Ellwood Ave.'. Again, they tracked it themselves. Only this time it was on 16 tracks of ADAT tape. Tim Barry of Avail sang back-ups on one of the tunes on this album. "It was the last project to ever be recorded at our old house, so we named the album after it. We also smartened up and gave it to [Richmond icon] Mark Miley to mix on his big, gigantic, state-of-the-art board in his professional joint." Oddly enough, '3160' would also be the last project ever mixed in Mark's old Marshall St. studio in downtown Richmond. A short time later the building in which countless Richmond legends produced countless punk and rock records was leveled so that it could be a parking lot for an old-warehouse-turned-into-swanky-condos building.

Bill McElroy mastered '3160' also. "All in all, a vast sonic improvement from our first record." The next couple of years were riddled with personal and family issues and tragedies that slowed C43 down. Tony Big Dick quit the band in this time frame (later to return) as well. Sorv and Sciub wrote most of the third album during these years of strife and discombobulation. When it was time to record this third gem, they went to their friend Justin Bailey, who produced this one from the tracking on up. ‘Cold Day In Purgatory’ was yet another bounding step forward in their sonic presentation, and also was a breakthrough album in vocal development.

'3160 Ellwood Ave.' was released on iTunes in March, 2012, and 'Cold Day In Purgatory' later that year. "We have a greater challenge being together, in the same place at the same time with each other for the moment, as our boy Sorv has gotten himself a little too good at being a stage tech and now tour manager for big-time, touring bands. We have had to adapt and take advantage of smaller bits of time." What has been questioned then proven back to us is that this juggernaut known as Channel 43 will survive and flourish, no matter the landscape. Their camaraderie, musical cohesion, and friendships are indestructible. Therefore C43 is indestructible.

2014 has brought with it some exciting developments. Strange Magic Records, from Fullerton, CA has picked up C43 and added each of the last two albums to its catalog, and they will be available through Strange Magic by late Spring. A sustained time together following the Summer of 2013 has provided the band with the opportunity to dig in to new material. 7 new songs have been in pre-production all winter, and C43 is looking very forward to recording them at Richmond’s Sound of Music Studios with John Morand this Spring. “We feel like things are ramping up a bit here, which is really encouraging. A bunch of really good and productive things are happening right now and it’s an exciting time in our history.”