Hello, Folks. Sciub here. Exciting things are happening here in 2014 so far. We have formed a new relationship, our first with a record label. So here, upon our 15th anniversary, Strange Magic Records out of Fullerton, CA will be releasing each of our last 2 albums, 3160 Ellwood Ave., and Cold Day In Purgatory. Big thanks to Carey Neill on that one! They will have copies available by late Spring. Check out the label, too. Easy enough to find on an internet or facebook search. Maybe get turned on to some other bad ass rock n roll!

And as a result of getting some great time in together since the end of last Summer, we’ve made some new tunes ready to accompany us to Sound of Music Studios here in Richmond. We’ll be there recording with John Morand this Spring, and should have another batch ready for your consumption in the Summer or so. We’re really excited about recording there in their brand new space, but way more so to be working with John.

We’re also playing shows here and there… next one up is here in Richmond. Saturday, March 15th at Bellytimber Tavern. 1501 W. Main St.—804-592-5592. We’ll be with Kid Is Qual and a special appearance by an American Idol star that I guess I’m not supposed to name. Our boys Randy and Pat own this place and it’s a great time every time.
Stay tuned…